Assignment 2: Web File Management

My second assignment in my web design class dealt with file management on the web. Before I completed this website, I didn’t realize that everything on the web had to be organized in many folders and sub folders. It made me rethink how I organized my own personal documents on my computer. This assignment taught me how to upload files from my computer onto a web sever in order for it to display online. I also learned how to break up webpages, and recognize their different components. For example, the banner .jpg, the .html dictates the website’s style, and the css components. Each web page has many different aspects most users might not even know exist. Everything online is very complex and deals with many different codes in order for it to send messages easily, and look appealing to users. Now that I understand how to correctly organize and store my files, and then transfer them onto a web sever, I know I will be able to apply this when I create future websites.

One problem I encountered while working on this assignment was that while trying to access my work on, it kept showing a  403 forbidden message. I went on the help me tab and read others students comments, and realized how to fix this problem. I was typing in the incorrect url in the beginning. After I fixed this problem, the rest of the assignment went smoothly for me.

Here is a link to my work that I upload through folders on my computer onto a web sever.


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