Assignment 3: HTML

This assignment was very challenging for me. I was having a hard time following the video because of the low quality so my codes would constantly be off. I decided to follow the script so I could visualize the actual codes that were being typed in. After that, I finally got the hang of it. While working on this assignment it showed me how long html5 can take, in order to make sure your coding will be viewed properly.

Another problem I encounter had to do with making my table and you tube video. I used codes from the website that was provided for us in the beginning of the lesson. When it came time to validate my coding I kept receiving errors. I reread the instructions and went back to my work but couldn’t find the error theĀ validator was referring to. I believe the errors has to do with CSS styling which I will be learning in the next lesson. So by next week I should be able to correct any CSS styling errors.

Html5 is different on each browser so its important to check your work on multiple browsers, or your webpage could lose a lot of viewers. Html5 is definitely harder than it looks. I think many people who use the internet aren’t aware of how much work goes into each page, link, and picture. I bet very few users actually appreciate the webpages that they visit on a daily basis. I will now be in awe every time I visit a complex websites such as Facebook.

Here’s a link for you to check out my work!


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