Assignment 6. Current Design Trends

I recently completed assignment 6 which dealt with creating a website with current design treads. This was the hardest by far and required a lot of time. I’m having a hard time with the graphics. For some reason adding the shadow effect, and adding arrows to my page was very challenging and required many hours. I’m not sure why but my arrows wouldn’t overlap. I know my site isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t have been possible to create something close to my site 6 months ago, so I am proud of myself.

This assignment taught me how websites today are all very similar. If the mass of website users like a certain look and layout, many other companies will have their web designers adopt to current treads. So its important to do research and see how you can improve the latest design to stand out. Overall, I know I need to dedicate a lot more hours to fully become a good web designer. I’m planning on looking at many sites and playing around with their coding until I find something I like.

Can’t wait for more to come after Spring Break!

Here is my work


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