Assignment 8. Front-end Frameworks

Recently I completed this assignment  which introduced me to bootstrap. Before this assignment I have never heard of bootstrap or other websites that offer the same frameworks for websites. Bootstrap is a smart approach to any website, it saves so much time and is very easy to use. This is an ideal tool for anyone who works on websites and I wish I would have heard about it sooner. I’m glad this class introduced me to all these useful tools that I will use for all my future projects.

Completing this project was very interested and it showed me how easy websites such as bootstrap make building websites. The only problem I faced was finding pictures and the effect resizing had on them. Since I didn’t have many options when I resized pictures with peoples faces it had a distorted result. When I build future websitesI plan to take my own pictures with better quality or buy pictures from websites such as istock. Hopefully this will get rid of the distorted effect my current page has. Otherwise I have no complaints!


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